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4 Types Of Items That Moving Companies Won’t Transport

Sometimes, one of the hardest parts of moving is deciding what you need to leave behind. For certain items, however, the decision isn’t difficult, as there are many things that are unsafe and/or unlawful to move. Here are four types of items that moving companies won’t move for you and that you may not want to move yourself.

Flammable and Toxic Household Items

There are many flammable and toxic chemicals that you get used to using around your house, and you may not realize the dangers of moving them. Moving companies are prohibited by law from moving any materials that are highly flammable, toxic, or that release toxic fumes that could build up in the back of the moving truck.

Examples of flammable and toxic chemicals that cannot be moved are paint, paint thinners, and aerosol cleaners. Car batteries can’t be moved because the acid they contain could damage surrounding …

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Five Mistakes To Avoid When Storing Large Appliances

Large appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators are not cheap. Thus, if you’re putting these items into a storage unit for any period of time, it is worth your while to ensure they emerge in good condition. Here’s a look at five common mistakes people make when storing large appliances, and what you should do to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not choosing climate-controlled storage.

The appliances of yesteryear may have survived being stored in a non climate-controlled unit, but today’s appliances often contain complex computerized components that are less tolerant of changes in temperature and humidity. If these components are exposed to variations in humidity, such as those typically experienced in non climate-controlled storage units, they may rust and render the whole machine useless.

Climate-controlled storage costs a little more, but you’ll save money in the long run by choosing this option because it will help ensure your appliances still …

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5 Tips For Moving Out Of The Dorms

For many college students, living in the dorms is a rite of passage. After spending the school year learning to be independent from your parents, having fun with new friends, and studying, it’s time to pack it all up and move back home for the summer. Moving out of the dorms is often a chaotic and stressful event, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are five tips for a stress-free move out of the dorms:

Declutter Before You Pack

Chances are that you’ve accumulated some junk you don’t need over the course of the school year. Rather than wasting time and space packing stuff you don’t need or want any longer, take a few hours to go through your things, setting aside unwanted items. Toss anything that’s broken or otherwise would be considered trash, and donate the rest.

Many thrift stores let you schedule donation pick-ups online. Some universities …

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Tips To Help You Successfully Relocate With Toddlers And Dogs

Relocating with your entire family can be manageable with the help of custom relocation services, even when you have small children and dogs. Both toddlers and dogs have specific needs you need to keep in mind during a family move. Here are some tips to help you successfully handle your family’s relocation with small children and dogs.


When you move with a toddler, be ready with the right tools and plans to help make your moving experience the best. As you pack their room, explain what you are doing and let them help you box up some items. Ask your movers to pack up your child’s room last. This will give you access to your child’s items first on the moving truck at your new place, so you can set up your child’s room and toys. 

Prepare a tote bag with an assortment of new toys and activities …

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4 Steps When Relocating Your Small Business To A New State

Different states are more favorable to small businesses, and the idea of relocating your business to one of these states may seem attractive. However, relocating an entire business is a major decision with many factors to consider. Check out these four important steps when you relocate your small business to a new state.

Create a Moving Plan Early

Before the move, create a thorough moving plan to help make the transition as seamless as possible. One of the major aspects this plan should cover is how long the move will take. Can you simply pack up and relocate your business in one weekend, or are you going to need to keep both the old and new locations open for a short time and you slowly transition? This will increase your moving budget, but it may be necessary.

A second big factor to consider is your staff. Will some of them …

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Is It Time To Change Storage Units?

One of the best things about renting storage units is that the rental terms are usually month to month. This means that, as your storage needs change, you can also change your storage unit with little hassle. Look for these markers that it is time to move to a new storage unit.

You Cannot Utilize the Space Effectively

Once you pick a storage unit, you can’t just push out the walls and create more space for yourself. Neither can you pull those walls in to reduce your bills. The only way to resize your unit is to move into a new one. If you are storing a set amount of items, then the amount of storage you need won’t change much. However, most people are constantly putting things in and pulling other things out.

Every time you do a major move, take stock of your space, particularly if this is …

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